There is significant research that shows aerobic exercise enhances neuroplasticity.

The Brain x Body Fitness Studio will act as a research centre and trial products and services associated with healthy ageing to give members the opportunity to experience their benefits first hand. 

The studio is contributing  to research into active ageing and the benefits of exercise. We are working on projects with Flinders University, The University of Adelaide and SAMHRI. 

Research articles:

The Conversation - Gentle exercise is enough to keep your brain fit and healthy

Ausmed - Exercise induced neuroplasticity

Oxford Academic - Updating the Evidence for Physical Activity: Summative Reviews of the Epidemiological Evidence, Prevalence, and Interventions to Promote “Active Aging”

Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing - Choose Health: Be Active. A physical activity guide for older Australians

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The Brain x Body Fitness Studio takes a revolutionary approach to physical exercise and brain wellbeing.

Our mission is to provide members from middle-age onwards with access to world-leading equipment and technology that enables them to reach and maintain their optimum brain and body health.