The Brain x Body Fitness Studio provides state-of-the-art equipment and floor classes such as yoga, boxing and dance to benefit members at every fitness level.

                                         Recline Forma – The wide walk through and comfortable,                                                                adjustable seat make the recline forma an ideal way for clients                                                 suffering back pain or limited mobility to access cardio                                                               exercise. 

Excite Top – The excite top is undertaken in a seated position

while exercising the muscles of the upper body and cardiovascular

system. This is an ideal warm up option for those unable to cycle

or walk due to injuries, weakness or limited mobility.  

                                                Flexibility Posterior – This device provides a gentle and                                                                       progressive stretch of the glute and hamstring                                                                         muscles. This device is user friendly and provides an                                                                          effective stretch for those unable to get up and down off                                                           the floor. 

Excite Vario – The Excite Vario provides a low impact, cardiovascular

workout through a range of movement trajectories. The machine adapts
to the individual stride length and movement patterns. Users have the

option to incorporate both arms and legs to create a whole body

work out.

                                         Jog Forma – The jog forma is a high quality treadmill designed                                                    with a wide frame and walking surface to maximise safety for                                              all users. The LED screen allows you to track every aspect of                                                           your exercise including heart rate, speed and distance. 



Dual Adjustable Pulley – The dual adjustable pulley provides a full

body strength workout. The height and handles of the pulley can

be easily adjusted to provide upper body, lower body and core

stability exercises.  



                                    Kinesis One – The Kinesis one allows users to work through a free,                                   natural range of movement to improve functional skills and strength.                                     The ergonomic handles are always ready for use so no prior settings                                    or adjustments are required. 


Isodynamic Reviver – The isodynamic reviver will be available

in the studio mid 2020 and free to use for all BBFS members.

The Isodynamic Reviver works by moving the body in a slow,

wave like motion while tilted at a specific angle to gravity.

This device activates many muscles across the body, firing

automatic signals to the brain which may not have been activated

for some time due to age, damage or disability. This process induces neuroplasticity and strengthens the neural system.  The anecdotal evidence from the pilot clinic in Sydney Australia demonstrates specific and measurable benefits to patients across a range of conditions including Parksinon’s, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Stoke, Cerebal Palsy and balance impairments. 



MOTOmed – The MOTOmed was developed for those with                                                  limited mobility and can be undertaken in a wheelchair or                                                    from a standard chair.  The motor driven movement is                                                            beneficial for improving muscle tone, loosening stiff                                                              muscles, increasing blood circulation and joint flexibility.

 The MOTOmed allows for an easy transition from passive to                                                  active training. 

Studies have found the MOTOmed beneficial conditions such as Multiple sclerosis, Stroke, Parkinson’s, brain injuries, orthopedics, paraplegia and muscular disorders.  

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The Brain x Body Fitness Studio takes a revolutionary approach to physical exercise and brain wellbeing.

Our mission is to provide members from middle-age onwards with access to world-leading equipment and technology that enables them to reach and maintain their optimum brain and body health.