BBFS Membership Funding

The Brain x Body Fitness Studio membership includes the following:

  • A 1:1 initial assessment with our qualified Clinical Exercise Physiologist to determine a suitable and effective exercise program 

  • Unlimited access to the studio between the hours of 8am-4pm weekdays. These sessions are supervised by our Exercise Physiologist to monitor technique, safety and program progression 

  • Unlimited access to a broad range of weekly group classes (boxing, dance, yoga etc)

Private membership: 

$25 per week – minimum four month lock in contract. 

The membership fee can be direct debited fortnightly, monthly or quarterly (please note a small transaction fee applies). Alternatively members can pay for their yearly membership upfront  ($1200). 

NDIS funded membership: 

Exercise Physiology services are provided within the "Improved daily living skills" and "Improved health and wellbeing" categories of your NDIS funding. 

Ideally NDIS clients are invoiced on a 12 monthly basis at a total cost of $1200. 

If yearly invoicing is not appropriate, BBFS is able to invoice for group exercise sessions until the standard membership fee of $1200 is reached. The member will continue to attend the studio as normal for the remainder of the 12 month period with no further invoicing. 

Regular, structured exercise in clients with neuromuscular disease has been show to: 

  • Improve quality of life

  • Reduce degeneration rate of muscle 

  • Improve movement 

  • Improve symptoms & co-morbidities of the disease

  • Prolong independence 

  • Reduced risk of falls that can lead to disability 

  • Increase social interaction, mental wellbeing and self-efficacy


The Brain x Body Fitness Studio uses a research based and individualised approach to exercise prescription. All exercise programs are prescribed and supervised by an ESSA recognised Exercise Physiologist to maximise improvement and ensure safety. 

How does BBFS differ from a standard gym?

Firstly, a qualified Exercise Physiologist is supervising the members at all times while in the studio. This gives members unlimited access to education, advice, program progression and maximises safety while exercising. 


Secondly, much of the equipment in the studio caters specifically  for neuromuscular conditions:

  • MOTOmed’s – The studio has three MOTOmed’s which are motorised arm and leg cycles that allow clients to train either passively or actively using their own strength.  

  • Isodynamic Reviver - The studio will feature the Isodynamic Reviver, a device that moves the body in a slow, wake like motion while tilted at a specific angle. The Isodynamic Reviver is showing promising results in improving strength, mobility, gait speed and balance. 

  • OrBIT – The studio will feature three OrBIT systems designed for targeted, cognitive training. The gaming system is a fun, stand-alone computer gaming system featuring an easy-to-use controller for clients with hand impairments.    

If you are an NDIS Support Coordinator, Local Area Coordinator or client managing your own NDIS funding, contact the studio to find out how we can support you. 

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25 King William Road


M: 0499 088 725


The Brain x Body Fitness Studio takes a revolutionary approach to physical exercise and brain wellbeing.

Our mission is to provide members from middle-age onwards with access to world-leading equipment and technology that enables them to reach and maintain their optimum brain and body health.