Frequently asked questions

Q: Is the studio open to everyone or only those with Parkinson’s?

A: The BBFS is suitable for those with any form of movement disorder due to the specialised equipment available however the BBFS caters to all ability and fitness levels. All members receive a personalised program from our Exercise Physiologist. In addition, all of the group classes have a low/moderate/high intensity rating and therefore cater for all abilities. 


Q: What is the price to become a member?

A: The BBFS membership is $35 per week direct debited fortnightly, monthly or quarterly. This gives you unlimited access to the studio between 8am-3pm on weekdays in addition to all group classes. The studio has a strict 4 month lock in contract to encourage long term commitment to regular exercise. 


Q: Is there a cost for the initial assessment with the exercise physiologist?

A: The initial assessment cost is $95. This will allow the exercise physiologist to conduct a thorough assessment with you. During this assessment a range of baseline physical outcome measures will also be taken. Please note that private health can be used for this initial assessment cost. 


Q: Can I place my membership on hold?

A: Yes – You are able to hold your membership for a maximum of four weeks per calendar year with no additional charge. This is an option AFTER you have completed your four-month lock in contract. If you wish to hold your membership for longer than four weeks, a two week ($50 – plus transaction fee) re-joining fee will apply on your return. 


Q: Can I pay for a year membership upfront?

A: Yes. 

Q. Can I use a my chronic disease management care plan to access BBFS? 

A: No. Given that BBFS is a membership based model we do not use care plans for individual exercise sessions. While you may often receive one on one service from the Exercise Physiologist throughout your visit to BBFS, we do not provide services billable by Medicare.  

Q: Can I use my NDIS funding to pay for the membership?

A: Yes. This is possible through your capacity building funding within your NDIS plan. . BBFS Is able to invoice the member for a six or twelve month membership. 


Q: Can I use my private health for the weekly $35 membership fee?

A: If your private health fund offers services for a “gym membership” our Exercise Physiologist is able to complete the required form to justify why you may need the BBFS membership. Health Partners, AHM, HCF and Teachers Health offer this depending on your level of cover. Please check with your private health provider.

The initial assessment can be claimed using private health - BBFS staff will provide you with an itemised receipt upon request. 


Q: Can I have a trial period before becoming a member?

The Brain x Body Fitness Studio prides itself on the individualised and personalised nature of exercise prescription to maximise safety for its members. Each member must have an in-depth assessment prior to using equipment within the studio – unfortunately this means we cannot offer a trial period. The Brain x Body Fitness Studio has a lock in four month contract which is essentially your trial period.