The Brain x Body Fitness Studio is the first Exercise Physiology service of its kind to focus on body and brain health through exercise that encourages neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to grow and change in response to physical and mental activities throughout life. By consistently challenging the brain with exercise and fresh mental activities, the brain continues to restructure, rewire and build new connections.

A welcoming space with state-of-the-art equipment, the Brain x Body Fitness Studio focuses on movement, flexibility and neuroplasticity from middle age onwards.The Brain x Body Fitness Studio uses a research based and individualised approach to exercise prescription.  

Membership to the Brain x Body fitness studio involves a $95 initial assessment fee and then $35 per week thereafter. This membership fee is a direct debit set up on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. 

All members will have an in-depth assessment to determine an individualised exercise program that challenges both the mind and body to best encourage neuroplasticity. Members have unlimited access to complete their exercise program under supervision between 8am-3pm Monday to Friday. Weekly group classes such as yoga, dance and boxing are also included within the BBFS membership. 

To find out more about the studio or book your initial assessment please contact the studio on 0499088725. 

Member Testimonials 

Kathy, 64 - "I'm exercising with people of the same age, the environment is relaxed and my program is closely monitored and updated"

Trish, 57 - "I have found BBFS to have a better understanding of the challenges associated with my condition than other fitness centres" 

David, 64 - "BBFS has created a fitness studio which is open, friendly and able to adapt its routines to a variety of clients with or without health conditions or disabilities"

Judith, 69 - "BBFS is different from other fitness studios because of the one-on-one coaching, and plenty of laughs and encouragement make it a pleasure to attend each session"

Tom, 73 - "I get a program developed for my needs and abilities by a professional. I get the feeling that people care"